Clark Funeral Home, Roanoke, Alabama

A Guided Digital Tour Of The Lives, Legacies and Works Of Wilkie And Hattie Lee (Peters) Clark as presented by their offspring:  their only daughter, Mrs. Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson; grandson, Wilkie S. Frieson, and Granddaughter, Je'Lynn M. Frieson.

July 2, 1983 one of many handwritten memoranda from Roy Terry To The Clarks

1983: Working Hard to Get Blacks Appointed As Deputy Voter Registrars

The document pictured on the left is merely one of many handwritten memos sent from Roy Terry to Wilkie Clark in the 1980's. 

During this time period, our coalition of black leaders in Randolph County were working diligently to get as many blacks as possible appointed as Deputy Voter Registrars.  Blacks in Alabama had always suffered in terms of our voting strength.  Having black deputy voter registrars was merely another avenue through which to increase black voting strength. 

Keep in mind that no matter what other issues we were facing, or what was going on in our community, there was always an undercurrent of Voter Registration at work.