Clark Funeral Home, Roanoke, Alabama

A Guided Digital Tour Of The Lives, Legacies and Works Of Wilkie And Hattie Lee (Peters) Clark as presented by their offspring:  their only daughter, Mrs. Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson; grandson, Wilkie S. Frieson, and Granddaughter, Je'Lynn M. Frieson.


In this section of our site, we usher you into the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Clark, not only through their daughter's eyes, but through the perspectives of many other historically significant individuals who knew them up close and personal.

We present a series of videos, newspaper clippings, writings, and other media, that provide you with a glimpse of what life was like for black families struggling to survive in the "Jim-Crow" South -- particularly in a little corner of Alabama known as Randolph County, Alabama.

There are probably scores of individuals who probably could have told the stories herein much better than we can tell it.  But for posterity, we who remain -- present in the best format possible, our effort to recapture the spirits of our departed local heroes so that those who will come after us will know and recognize that we refused to sit idly by and be marginalized -- but that -- following the example set by the Clarks and so many others, we learned how to fight "the good fight."  We stood up.  We spoke out.  And in 2020 we continue to speak truth to power.