Clark Funeral Home, Roanoke, Alabama

A Guided Digital Tour Of The Lives, Legacies and Works Of Wilkie And Hattie Lee (Peters) Clark as presented by their offspring:  their only daughter, Mrs. Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson; grandson, Wilkie S. Frieson, and Granddaughter, Je'Lynn M. Frieson.

About our historic site

Clark Funeral Home is one of a handful of black-owned businesses located in Roanoke, Randolph County, Alabama.

Roanoke and Randolph County, lie just a few miles west of the Georgia state line; and centrally between Alabama's northern and southern border.

This business was founded in the late 1960's by a black man named Wilkie Clark, his wife, Mrs. Hattie Peters Clark, and their teenaged daughter, Charlotte who was their only child.  Having very deep roots in this community, the family's importance evolved not only as black business owners, but for their long-running history of civil rights activism in this area.

It is important for our visitors to understand how the founding of this business coincided with and in many ways strengthened the civil rights movement. 

Our virtual tours will illustrate for your better understanding, how black business ownership impacted civil rights not only in our small community, but perhaps for many other communities across our nation.