Clark Funeral Home, Roanoke, Alabama

A Guided Digital Tour Of The Lives, Legacies and Works Of Wilkie And Hattie Lee (Peters) Clark as presented by their offspring:  their only daughter, Mrs. Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson; grandson, Wilkie S. Frieson, and Granddaughter, Je'Lynn M. Frieson.

Our photo album

In this album you will find a collection of some of the best photos that help us to tell the story of the early years Of Clark Funeral Home.  This album shows (in no particular order) all of the people who the Clarks enlisted, to work with them in their funeral home business.   Most of them were influential people in Randolph County, who had a lot of friends and would be able to help the Clarks promote the Funeral Home.  They were intelligent, and each had a special talent that would be useful in the business. The other important thing about many of these individuals is that during that particular time period, most blacks in the community desperately wanted to advance, but many of them didn't know what they needed to do or how to become activists.  It was here, that Wilkie Clark started building his army of civil rights soldiers.  In later years, each would help him gain credibility as he delivered his forceful message to the black communities of Randolph County. 

We hope you enjoy them!